How Should I Prioritize Purchasing Furniture for My Home?

How should I prioritize purchasing furniture for my new home

How You Should Prioritize Purchasing Furniture for Your Home It’s like having a  blank canvas to fill in now that you have a new home and you need to find the perfect furniture to accentuate your own unique style.  Others may have one room, several rooms, or even every room in your home that needs […]

What are Some Good Accent Wall Colors for Interior Painting?

accent wall colors advice with spencer carlson interior design advisors

What are Good Accent Wall Colors for Interior Painting? There’s no reason you can’t have a good time selecting accent wall colors for your interior painting project. When you think about it, accent walls are fun and they can add dimension to a space. They also have the capability of creating an impactful focal point […]

How to Increase the Longevity of your Custom Furniture

custom furniture at spencer carlson

Ways to Increase the Longevity of your Custom Furniture There is no doubt that custom furniture has distinct advantages over store-bought standard furniture.  It lasts longer because of the high-quality material and craftsmanship. Custom furniture is also tailor-made to perfectly suit your interior right down to the shape, color, size, and placement.  But even as […]

11 Ways to Add Character to Your Home Through Decor

spencer carlson furniture and interior design

How to Add Character to Your Home Whether you live in a ranch-style house with open living spaces, a French country-style home with distressed wood and subdued palettes, a cozy and charming cottage-style house, or a contemporary style home with its focus on clean lines and natural textures, you want your abode to reflect your […]

Designing a Space For Entertaining

interior design home

Tips for Designing Your Entertainment Room If you are planning for an entertainment room in your home, chances are you are dreaming of the ultimate entertainment experience that incorporates many modes of fun, leisure, relaxation, and entertainment that makes staying home an enticing option. Whether it’s to entertain guests or simply to huddle together with […]

How to Keep Your Home Clean with Multiple Pets

keeping home clean with pets

We love our pets. We consider them family and often give them free rein of the house. Sometimes we may even treat our cats, dogs, and other pets like small children as we admonish them after accidents and encourage them when they obey our commands. But there is no doubt about it, they can create […]

A Guide To Heirloom Furniture

heirloom furniture

When it comes to tying the generations together and strengthening family bonds over long periods of time, we pass along various items that capture the unique story and special history of our families that loved ones can cherish. Whether they are momentos, recipes, jewelry, scrapbooks, or photo albums, we hand down these treasured items to […]

Custom Home Lighting

When it comes to interior design, people usually focus on furniture arrangement, paint color, and flooring selection. From there, attention will shift to art and accessory placement. But lighting can often be an afterthought. So much of the emphasis of designing your home falls onto what is in your line of vision. Your eye is […]

Upgrading Your Home Office

hunter douglas roman shades

There is no doubt that workers in the U.S. are in overwhelming numbers performing their job functions from a home office. In fact, working from home is quickly becoming the new norm.  The office, with its décor punctuated with uniform cubicles, spacious conference rooms, communal break room, and open-space work areas, has given way in […]

A Guide to Window Treatment Options for 2021

spencer carlson window treatment guide

When it comes to window treatments in your home, they perform two main functions:  functionality – controlling the amount of UV rays and sunlight that enters your home, and aesthetics – potentially enhancing the beauty of your home with an exquisite mix of form, style, and colors.  Many interior designers consider window treatments the jewelry […]