What are Some Good Accent Wall Colors for Interior Painting?


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What are Good Accent Wall Colors for Interior Painting?

There’s no reason you can’t have a good time selecting accent wall colors for your interior painting project. When you think about it, accent walls are fun and they can add dimension to a space. They also have the capability of creating an impactful focal point in a room.

An accent wall is an ideal way to add character to your bedroom or a recreation room. What’s more, with an accent wall, you can inject new hues into a space in a subtle manner. They give you an opportunity to introduce color or highlight the décor gems hanging on your walls. An accent or feature wall gives you the chance to play with colors in a room without it dominating a space.

There are few design choices that are as easy and as transformative as an accent wall.
Before starting on this interior painting project, you might want to consider if you are aiming for a brighter or darker accent, something subtle or really bold. Which wall in your home is the best candidate for an accent wall? These are just some of the questions to ponder before choosing your accent wall colors.

In the meantime, here are some colors and color combinations to think about for your accent wall that could transform the vibe in any room.

 14 Accent Wall Color Combinations

  1. Blue and Cream
    As you embark on your interior painting project, consider that your accent wall does not have to be one solid color. Go for a pattern to inject some personality and shape into your room. You could try complementing the space with a photo wall consisting of similar colors.
  2. Navy, Brown and Pink
    Be daring as you opt for bolder accent wall colors. A rich blue brings character and depth to a guest room or bedroom. You benefit from this type of blue when it is complemented with softer hues such as pink and brown. This combination of colors is striking and warm.
  3. Green and Red Brick
    Intensify the energy in any room in your house by having a brick wall that is perpendicular to a colored wall. The texture of the brick next to a smooth surface brings some dimension and more visual appeal. Enhance the attraction of the room with accent items like framed photos and area rugs.
  4. Deep Navy Blue
    This shade of blue is classic and timeless. Navy blue is a beautiful wall color choice if you are going for a rich look, but you still are wanting to have balance in your space. Your room could give off a soft and naturalistic feel, as the rich blue accent wall offers a gorgeous contrast to the white hues in your bedroom, for example.
  5. Black, White and Pebble Gray
    Inject contrast into your family room color scheme as you create a floor-to-ceiling accent around a fireplace. Select materials such as stone, brick, or tile to construct the feature wall. These accent wall colors might offer a gorgeous blend between black and white elements in a room that also features a dark gray shade.
  6. Candy Red and Light Sapphire
    Create breathtaking contrasting colors with hardwood countertops, white walls and cabinets, and perhaps accent blue behind your stove. Accessories, like a small red kettle, could help make for an eye-catching kitchen, while giving an otherwise plain space much brighter hues. This blend of colors also adds visual appeal to your kitchen.
  7. Black, White and Blonde
    These accent wall colors are typically found together for the stunning beauty they offer. These colors provide an exquisite contrast. You might choose to decorate your space with black and white accents, such as framed prints on a wall or blonde-colored wood features.
  8. Mint, Blonde and Charcoal Black
    For your next interior painting project, you might choose to enliven your workspace or study area. Think about a chalkboard wall for practical purposes. You might add colors such as mint and blonde that give your study a soft, serene contrast.
  9. Light Blue
    A light blue wall can offer sufficient impact in a colorful room. A light blue wall could also be accented with deeper blues throughout the room.
  10. Soft Blues and Grays
    Your accent wall colors don’t necessarily need to contrast sharply to inject character into a room. Create a soft, welcoming color combination using light blue paint beside white or gray elements.
  11. Navy and Tans
    Consider the accent wall colors of navy and tan if you want a warm and charming atmosphere in a bedroom, for example. Use navy accent paints. You might incorporate tan shades and off-white touches on your rug, sofa, and throw pillows to offset the darker tones.
  12. Black and White
    These accent wall colors may seem ultra-simple and basic, but they can give your kitchen a sleek look as it showcases a modern scheme. With white cabinets and a black backsplash, you will have a stylish and classic look all in one.
  13. Taupe
    Try taupe for your accent wall. It is soft enough to be aesthetically pleasing while also sufficiently striking to make a big impact. You could choose a taupe gray that would exquisitely contrast as the perfect backdrop with a chic gallery wall. If you are partial to white walls because of their neutrality and their clean look, then you might think about painting a neutral accent wall to showcase your favorite art or décor.
  14. Light Sapphire and Blond Wood
    Your next interior painting project could be in your kitchen. Use the cabinets for the blue accent color. With a contrasting white backsplash, and wall and shelving, you infuse your kitchen with character and offer depth to a small area. Bring more dimension to the kitchen with blonde wooden details like your cutting boards and countertop.

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