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2022 Interior Design Trends

The 2022 Interior Design Trends are heavily influenced by the call of nature and all things natural. Whether it’s sustainable designs, organic materials, shapes and colors, or creating soothing spaces in our homes that include a copious amount of natural light, homeowners and designers seem to be ultimately inspired by the greatest artist, nature herself.

Every aspect of architecture and design seems to reflect the natural and organic feel of nature as we head into 2022. In fact, natural and cozy materials like cotton and linen, velvet and ceramics and clay and brick are in high demand for their ability to create a calming and organic environment in our homes.

We also desire comfort and durability as key elements for our home interiors, given how much time we’ve all spent in our homes during the past year-and-a-half due to self-imposed isolation and periodic lockdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Being inside as much as we have has prompted homeowners to seek furniture, textiles, and materials that emphasize comfort while being able to tolerate more frequent use.

Another dominant interior design trend as we begin 2022 is finding more creative ways to work from home, as so many of us have had to do since early 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We no longer settle for makeshift offices on the dining table or kitchen island. Now in the age of hybrid work schedules, or long-term or permanent remote work, interior designers are anticipating the coming year being focused on evolving our workplaces into more inspired areas. Homeowners are commonly seeking full functioning offices serving as work silos where they can be productive and not be disturbed. More homes are accommodating this growing trend.

With world events being rather unsettling and overwhelming in the recent past due to the coronavirus public health crisis, this has motivated many of us to think of our dwellings as a safe haven as we seek out harmony in our homes marked by simplicity, natural beauty and outdoor influences.

Key 2022 Interior Design Trends

Connection to Nature

People in growing numbers want to surround themselves with natural materials and textures. This pertains to decoration, furniture and décor. The most sought-after textures right now are marble, granite, onyx and wood— typically in light colors when it comes to wood. These materials most often are used in furniture and decoration, and they are ideal as accents.

Light wood furniture is at its peak of popularity and is a pronounced interior design trend as we approach the new year.

Interior designers believe that homes in 2022 will continue to have a major focus on natural materials. The living room is a major focal point for this.

“Living room design trends are mirroring the revolution against fast fashion, now aiming for longevity and timelessness,” says Studio RODA founder Rodrigo Albir.

According to Albir, people are choosing a more responsible approach to design because they want their living spaces to “live longer” by including elements that encapsulate their surroundings.

Because so many of us have been forced to be indoors for long periods of time, people have a strong desire to revel in the outdoors and enjoy being in nature, according to Mia Jung of Ike Kligerman Barkley in New York. “And that also reflects inside pursuing organic forms in design and choosing more natural materials.”

Being strongly drawn to nature has led many people to favor in their homes neutrals, natural grass cloth, greens, browns, and flora and fauna patterns. This interior design trend is inspiring people in increasing numbers to want to bring the outdoors into their homes in any way possible. The rising popularity of indoor plants is another example of this trend.

Other ways that some homeowners are punctuating their interior design with elements of nature include utilizing floor-to-ceiling windows more liberally and creating indoor garden areas. This combines to represent outdoor living mixed with organic elegance.

Organic Materials

Within the theme of natural elements for home interior design, more people are flocking toward organic materials, as they strive to create spaces that exude a natural feel. Instead of using traditional materials such as wood or stone, people prefer organic elements in their homes. For example, it is becoming more popular to opt for bamboo floors in place of carpeting.

Other preferred choices include clay, rattan, wool, and jute.

Organic, or natural materials, can also inject a living space with warmth and bring in a sense of coziness.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have displayed a greater awareness of the environmental impact of home building, fueling the interior design trend of sustainability that is expected to carry over into 2022. In this coming year, sustainable or recycled materials will be more common.

In fact, sustainability is now becoming a selling feature when it comes to attracting the attention of homeowners and builders. What we can expect from this is furnishings, flooring and architectural elements that will be using environmentally-friendly materials that include cork, bamboo, glass, reclaimed wood, and recycled plastic and metal.

Rounded or Curvy Furniture & Décor

Perhaps less known of an interior design trend but one that is becoming more popular is rounded shapes of furniture and décor. In contrast to past trends that featured clean, sharp edges and modern lines, what is now more common is softness and feminine forms. This applies to various architectural solutions. But it is quite evident in the choices of furniture and décor.

For example, many tables, poufs, lamps, and sofas and other designer furniture no longer have angles, but are rounded, instead. Other examples of this distinct trend are chairs, coffee tables and vases that have the same soft, rounded qualities.

People seem to be drawn to the soft quality of rounded, more organic shapes. What’s more, these softer featured furniture and décor items have the ability to make a space feel comfortable because curved shapes offer a more soothing energy.


As an interior design trend, minimalism is considered a fashionable interior heading into 2022. Prompted by the pandemic, many people have taken on the habit of getting rid of old, non-functional items in an effort to radically pair down in their homes. More and more homeowners are adopting the premise of minimalism that less is more.

Minimalism has to do with creating living spaces that help people feel comfortable, at ease, and free to be themselves while ensuring simultaneously that the space is aesthetically appealing.

The popularity of minimalism is fueled by the desire of interior designers to search for new ways to create spaces that have limited impact on the environment while still adding some unique elements to a contemporary-styled home. Minimalism allows for the presence of air and free space. It also typically features soft palettes such as beige and gray in the interior design of a home.

Many of us seem to prefer the simplicity of minimalism, leading interior designers and homeowners to use this style as a primary source of inspiration for the foreseeable future.

Work-From-Home Spaces

Even as many people gradually return to their offices in these latter stages of the coronavirus pandemic, there are still scores of others who continue to work from home. Fueled by increasing numbers of homeowners working part-time or full-time from home, interior designers anticipate the coming year will promote the evolving of workplaces into more inspired work areas.

“With the advent of Zoom and more work being done at home, homeowners are asking for two fully functioning offices – one for each spouse or partner – where they can work and not be disrupted, or be disruptive to others in the family,” says Randy Correll of Robert A.M. Stern Architects in New York. “These rooms are like libraries with an abundance of cabinetry, paneling, and, if possible, a view or a porch on which to take a break or power nap.”

Interior designers are finding that homeowners are demanding supreme comfort and style, and above all, plenty of space, when it comes to their work areas. Within this interior design trend is the desire to work in an inspiring environment. This could mean working in front of a window and being surrounded by colors that energize and textures that comfort.

Lure of Green

The color green has been en vogue for quite a while and it continues to be on-trend entering 2022. Homeowners desire their architectural elements to feature green for its calming and soothing qualities. It also is associated with growth, and green enables us to feel more connected with nature.

In the new year, we can expect to see chartreuse, olive and other warm shades of green incorporated into home interiors through plants, décor and furniture.

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