Custom Home Lighting

When it comes to interior design, people usually focus on furniture arrangement, paint color, and flooring selection. From there, attention will shift to art and accessory placement. But lighting can often be an afterthought. So much of the emphasis of designing your home falls onto what is in your line of vision. Your eye is […]

Upgrading Your Home Office

hunter douglas roman shades

There is no doubt that workers in the U.S. are in overwhelming numbers performing their job functions from a home office. In fact, working from home is quickly becoming the new norm.  The office, with its décor punctuated with uniform cubicles, spacious conference rooms, communal break room, and open-space work areas, has given way in […]

Why You Should Hire an Interior Decorator/Designer

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You’ve painted the walls in your bathroom, added decorative accents to the kitchen, put up new drapes and placed eye-catching antiques in the living room. You’ve even changed the furniture around in the bedrooms – all in an effort to try and create the right motif for your home that makes it come alive. In […]

A Guide to Window Treatment Options for 2021

spencer carlson window treatment guide

When it comes to window treatments in your home, they perform two main functions:  functionality – controlling the amount of UV rays and sunlight that enters your home, and aesthetics – potentially enhancing the beauty of your home with an exquisite mix of form, style, and colors.  Many interior designers consider window treatments the jewelry […]

When Should You Start Decorating for Fall?

fall interior design

The first advent of fall may vary depending on where you live. But you will see some signs that would indicate the changing of the seasons, and tell you that it’s time to bring out your fall decor. For instance, you will feel the air becoming crisper, particularly during the mornings, and you will feel […]

Entryway Decoration Ideas that Make a Stunning First Impression


Your guiding principle for being exceptionally artistic and daring when it comes to your home entryway should be always to make a good first impression. This aphorism should inspire bold and innovative ideas when it comes to decorating your entryway, or foyer.  Keep in mind that an entryway also serves a practical purpose. To begin […]

Creating a Gallery Wall

It is no wonder that so many of us appreciate and might even be awed by art gallery walls. As popular as they are, gallery walls have grown significantly in popularity over the past several years. They offer a fun and easy way to update interiors, transform bland walls, create a focal point in your […]

Interior Design Trends for 2021

After what has been largely for many of us a dreary, depressing year 2020, it is no surprise that homebuyers and homeowners are tending toward bright, festive colors to adorn their walls and accent their furniture.  As there didn’t seem much worth celebrating this past year, is it no wonder that consumers are looking to […]

Enhancing Your Home’s Interior

home interior design decoration

Have you been feeling as though your residence could use an upgrade as we move further into the summer months? Maybe you’d like to intentionally bring in new pieces that are suitable for the warmer time of the year or, in contrast, introduce new additions that can help you get ready for the fall months. […]

Enhancing Your Living Room

living room interior design

In many homes, the family area is one of the most frequently used spaces inside your residence. As it can serve as both a space for entertaining guests or spending time with your loved ones, how you decorate it should be both beautiful and functional. At Spencer Carlson, our design experts can help you begin […]